My Skill diagram

I'm a 3d Generalist and Developer

  • PHP 20%
  • Graphic Design 85%
  • HTML/CSS Design 35%
  • Unity 90%
  • 3d Studio Max 95%
  • App Development 95%
  • Maya 80%
  • Gamer 99%

Services I Provide

but only if you ask nicely

web Development

3D Models

I do all kinds of 3D stuff, kids... dinosaurs... aliens... you name it!

App Development

App Development

Games, Work Applications, frikkin' thunderstorm simulators!

Video Editing

Video Editing

If I'm not too lazy and I got time I might edit some videos for you...

Graphic Design

Graphic Design

I usually let my friends do this stuff cause he is a better artist but eh... If you really need it...


I am the shiznit

  • All
  • Models
  • Renders
  • Games
  • Unity

what people say?

All is the best, we love him!

- The Humankind

That 3d dog was BONKERS!!!

HAHAHAHA I can't stop laughing... that dog... HAHAHAHHA ... HE BIT HIM..... HAHAHAHAHAHA

- Dog's Owner


He made this app for us which was some kind of matchmaking and one of the characters screams "GO GO RAPE"! I still can't believe we put that in the app!!!

- Go Go Rape Owner Guy

Not too shabby

He works really hard and does a great job!

- Current Boss